Avoiding Bike Theft

Worried about having your bike stolen? Here are some key tips to protecting your bike.

Tips on avoiding bike theft:

  • Get a good lock - There is a wide variety of bike locks available with different strength, durability, and quality. Hardened steel D-locks or U-locks are highly recommended.
  • Lock it properly - One of the best ways to secure a bike is to remove the front wheel. Whether you remove the wheel or not, the lock should run through both a wheel and the frame. Leave as little slack as possible in the chain. Make sure it is secured to something sturdy like a metal bike rack, rail or pole that is cemented into the ground. You can also use more than one lock such for extra security.
  • Location - Bring your bike inside, if there is a space provided at work and in the house or garage when you are at home. When you’re out in public, lock your bike in a very visible place avoiding hidden areas where thieves can spend more time breaking a lock without being noticed.
  • Ride an inexpensive bike - They may not be the coolest bikes but they are less likely to get stolen. If you do have an expensive bike, hide the brand with tape or paint.
  • Make your bike identifiable - Sticker it, decorate it, engrave it—whatever you do, try and make it unique so it can be more easily identified if stolen. Take a picture of your bike in case it gets stolen.
  • Register your bike - Look for manufacturers, bike shops, local government or any other organization that maintains a list of bicycle serial numbers and register your bike. You can also register your bike with the National Bike Registry for a small fee at www.nationalbikeregistry.com.
  • Take action:
    • If your bicycle is stolen, here are a few things you can do:
      • Gather your documentation (personal info, bike description)
      • File a police report
      • Register with the BikePortland.org Stolen Bike Listings

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