Be Seen Riding Transit

Be seen.

It’s time to be seen on the road now that darker months are here. Increase your visibility no matter if you’re heading to the store, walking the dog, jogging, or going to work or school. 

Being seen by drivers means protecting yourself while out and about during low-lit hours and at night.

Be reflective.

  • Lighter-colored and brighter outerwear is certainly better than dark clothing, but clothing with reflective material is best.
  • Use reflective accessories like arm and leg bands, belts and hats.
  • Reflective vests are also good for 360 degree visibility, especially for joggers and runners.

Don’t let the bus miss you.

  • It can be hard for drivers to see riders waiting at the bus stop on dark mornings and evenings. Help yourself get noticed by looking at the bus as it approaches the stop, wearing a light or something reflective, and waving your hand or moving around so the driver sees you.

Be flashy.

  • Clip-on lights and umbrellas with LED lights are all a big safety plus.
  • Dangling lights from your bag or purse can also boost visibility at multiple angles.

Click here to print a Be Seen Transit brochure.

Be Seen. Be Safe.
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