Bike Brightly, Bike Safely

Be seen.

It’s time to be seen during the darker months of the year by increasing your visibility. Make being seen on your bike in low-lit hours and at night a part of your active lifestyle.

Be flashy.

  • Legally, cyclists at dawn, dusk and night need a front white light and a back red reflector. For safety’s sake, also use a back flashing red light.
  • Add lights to bags, spokes and racks, and consider using a headlamp for more visibility.
  • Be prepared with extra batteries and lights just in case.

Be reflective.

  • Increase visibility be putting reflective tape or stickers on shoes, backpacks, messenger bags and jackets—really, anywhere and everywhere!

Invest in a vest or jacket.

  • A variety of different vests and cycling jackets can be found that provide 360 degree reflection. Look for them at outdoor, sports and bike stores.

Cleck here to print a Be Seen Bicycling brochure.

Be Seen. Be Safe.
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