Biking Essentials: Bike Lights and Reflective Gear

Being visible when you’re biking is key safety—especially if you’re riding at dawn, dusk or at night. Bike lights greatly increase your visibility; and the more visible you are, the safer you'll be. Try to ensure you are visible from all angles in the dark.

Bike light tips:

  • Use white lights in front and red lights in the rear.
  • Don’t forget to check your batteries and keep a spare set.
  • A wide range of bike lights are available through local and online retailers – many of which are relatively inexpensive. 
  • Consider high-quality halogen lights, if you bike a great distance or ride on roads where lighting is poor or variable.
  • Consider adding extra lights or reflectors; extra visibility never hurts.

Other ways to increase how visible you are on the road:

  • Clip a flashing light to your jacket or pack.
  • Put some inexpensive reflective tape (available at local bike shops and other retail stores) on the front and back of your jacket.
  • Use a front, back and side reflector.
  • Wear reflective bands on your helmet, wheel spokes and even your pant legs.
  • Being more visible to drivers can make a big difference in how safe you are on the road.

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