Biking Essentials: Bike Locks

If you’re going to be leaving your bike outside, it’s a good idea to use a sturdy bike lock. While some bike locks can seem expensive, it is still a good idea to spend a little more. Stronger, thicker locks are the best way to protect your bike from theft. Bike locks come in all shapes, sizes and prices.

Bike lock options:

  • U Locks - U-Locks (or D-locks) are one of the most popular bike locks around. They are strong, secure and hard for bike thieves to get through. U-Locks come in varying degrees of strength, which is reflected in price.
  • Padlocks and chains - When using chains and padlocks, remember the thicker, the better. Chain links and lock clasps should be at least 5/16 of an inch thick. Chains are heavy to carry around and are susceptible to being cut. If using this method, make sure you choose a strong chain and lock your bike properly.
  • Cables - Some cables are actually harder to cut than chains, because they don't snap and thieves can't pry them open. Use a cable at least 3/8 of an inch thick with a lock as thick or thicker.
  • Correct bike lock usage - Even if you don’t buy the strongest lock around, there are other ways to help prevent bike theft. Your lock is only as strong as what you’re locking to so make sure your locking your bike efficiently and in a good location.

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