Bikes on TriMet Buses

Thinking about bringing your bike on the bus? It's easy! If you have a compact folding bike, you're welcome to bring it on board. Otherwise, you'll need to load your bike onto the rack on the front of the bus.

Here are some TriMet tips for bringing your bike on the bus:

  • Most standard-size bikes and even some recumbents will fit in the racks. Bike racks can fill up quickly during the morning and afternoon rush hour, so be prepared to wait for another bus if there's no space.
  • Make sure the bus stops completely and get the driver's attention before loading your bike.
  • Squeeze the handle on the top of the rack and pull the rack forward to lower it. There are slots for two bikes. If you’re the first to use the bike rack, put your bike in the slot closest to the bus. To use the rack, just lift your bike and place your wheels in one of the slots.
  • To secure your bike, slide the metal bar up over your front wheel or fender as close to the frame as possible.
  • Remove any loose items or valuables from your bike. Be sure to remove panniers, child seats, or any object that could block the bus headlights or the operator's vision.
  • Board the bus and pay your fare.
  • When you're ready to get off the bus, let the operator know you need to get your bike. Exit through the front door if you can.
  • Again, make eye contact before you step in front of the bus. Slide the metal bar off of the wheel, then lift your bike out of the slot, and fold up the rack.
  • Never cross the street in front of the bus, unless it's stopped at a red light.

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