Carpool Interview Tips

Starting a carpool? Setting up agreements and guidelines with your carpool mates is one of the most critical steps to a successful carpool.

Questions to ask your future carpool members:

Basic carpool questions:

  • Who will drive? (make sure all drivers carry adequate insurance and a valid driver’s license)
    • Will one person drive or will the responsibility rotate?
    • What is the driving schedule?
  • When and where will you meet?
  • How will the costs be divided?
  • How long should drivers wait at a stop for passengers before leaving?
  • What happens if the set driver is ill, oversleeps, or has mechanical problems?

Other considerations:

  • Is music/radio okay? If so, what kind?
  • Will food be allowed?
  • Will drinks be allowed?
  • Is smoking okay?
  • Will coffee drive-thru stops be scheduled?
  • Are gas station stops a part of the commute schedule?

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