Carsharing Basics

Carsharing is simple to use, just sign up with a service, reserve a car, pick it up from the designed location and drive away!

Carsharing can be a great supplement to your various travel options. For example, take the commuter rail, the bus or bike to work, then, as needed, rent a car on an hourly basis to drive to your lunch appointment, meeting or even a weekend getaway at the beach. Or, if your family owns one car, use a carsharing service for those occasions when you need a back-up car or truck.

Here are some benefits of carsharing:

  • Carsharing makes it easy to get a car on your schedule and branch locations can often be found nearby.
  • If you carpool to work, but some days are unable to carpool back, carsharing can be a great, inexpensive way to get back home.
  • Many companies have corporate accounts for carsharing, making it even easier for you to take transit to work and then get a car to drive to your weekly meeting down the street. Be sure and check with your employer.
  • Many services, such as ZipCar, have streamlined their process for picking up your car. Some even offer smartphone apps that allow you to unlock cars with your phone.

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