Free Traffic Alert Services

Find out about traffic problems before you get stuck in a congested mess. Avoiding the slow-downs and delays will save you precious drive time and minimize traffic frustrations. Finding out about traffic conditions before you go is easy. You can access multiple traffic alert services by phone, computer or the mobile web.

Top tips for using traffic alert services:

  • Visit to get up-to-date, traffic and road conditions, construction, road closure information and view traffic images from ODOT traffic cams.
  • Dial 511 (toll free within Oregon), 1-800-977-ODOT (6368) (toll free within Oregon), or 1-503-588-2941 (outside Oregon) by touchtone or by voice activated response to get current road conditions from all areas of Oregon.
  • Check your local news. Many news and radio stations provide traffic updates on their websites or with mobile device applications in addition to on air reports.
  • Visit!/portland/report to view a Portland traffic map and get traffic conditions.

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