Know Before You Go: The Art of List Making

Want to keep track of all your errands? List making can help you avoid multiple and last minute trips to the store. Organizing and planning head can save you time, money and is helpful to the environment.

Here are some tips to get you list started today:

  • Relax and take some time to think about what needs to get done today, this week and even this month.
  • Jot your thoughts down on paper, post-it, the computer, your cell phone or whatever works best for you.
  • Keep your list on hand and leave extra room in case you remember something later on.
  • Plan and organize. Figure out where you need to go to get the things on your list. Organize the places you need to go in a way that avoids backtracking. Utilize a variety of online tools to help plan this best.
  • Utilize Google Maps, Microsoft Live Search Maps, GPS units or whatever you prefer to help organize your errands most efficiently.
  • Look for pre-printed notepads online or at nearby stores to make list-making even easier.

Online list tools & apps:

  • Grubb – Make multiple lists and switch tasks, adds comments and due dates with Grubb -

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