Be Seen Skateboarding

Be seen.

It’s time to be seen during the darker months of the year. Maximize your visibility on your skateboard during both low-lit hours and at night. Legal requirements vary by city so find out what is mandatory in your area.

Be flashy.

  • Wear a white light in front that’s visible from at least 500 feet, and a red light or reflector in back that’s visible from at least 600 feet (this may be a legal requirement in your area).
  • Find a helmet outfitted with lights (some even turn on and off with movement) or attach a light to your helmet.
  • Consider adding more lights for greater visibility by wearing a light stick, jogger arms bands with LED lights or other light accessories.

Be creative.

  • Get creative! Put reflective tape or stickers on backpacks, jackets, helmets or your board!

Be reflective.

  • Lighter-colored and brighter outerwear is certainly better than dark clothing, but clothing with reflective material is best.

Cleck here to print a Be Seen Skateboarding brochure.

Be Seen. Be Safe.
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