Be Seen. Be Safe.

No matter the time of year it is important that you are visible to drivers when getting around town. When daylight-saving time is over, it is even more important to stop and consider how visible you and your family are when biking and walking. That's the time of year when people need to “dress” to be seen, and drivers should be especially alert to seeing everyone.

Here are some tips to brighten your night:

Be reflective.

  • Drivers can see bicyclists and pedestrians from farther away when they shine. For example, you are first visible to a driver from 500 feet away when you are wearing reflective clothing. Compare this to just 55 feet away when wearing dark colors.

Be shiny. 

  • Wear shoes, backpacks, jackets and other clothing with reflective materials. Do it yourself by adding inexpensive reflective tape strips to your shoes, backpack, purse, bike wheel spokes, jacket sleeves, pant legs—really, anywhere and everywhere! Reflective vests and hats are great as well.

Be flashy.

  • Headlights, armbands with lights, leg bands with blinking lights, small blinking lights on your coat, purse or backpack… All of these items can help you be seen while biking or walking.

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