Biking with Kids

Biking is a good way for the whole family to get around – it’s fun and promotes good health!

Tips on biking with your kids:

  • Safety is #1. Be more aware of traffic than you would be on your own. Have your kids wear helmets and start teaching them bike safety early on.
  • Teach basic biking and safety skills including, traffic signs and signals, stopping to look both ways when in traffic, walking you bike across roads and so on.
  • Take it slow. Naturally, you children will ride slower than you do so keep in mind that a normal ride for you may take twice as long with children.
  • When on a longer ride, take breaks. Bring food and water and allow kids to rest and explore for a bit.
  • Carry a first aid kit and a repair kit so you will be prepared for any spills or technical difficulties.
  • Dress your kids for the changing weather. Keep your kids warm and dry with jackets, mittens, ponchos etc. and bring along a pack with extra layers or space to store jackets if the weather warms up.
  • Plan your biking route ahead of time so you won’t get lost and make it enjoyable. Try and avoid hills if you’re riding with young or new riders.

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