CarpoolMatchNW is now Drive Less Connect

Oregon has a new free tool that can save you money and more on the road—Drive Less Connect. This new service makes it even easier to take advantage of more affordable travel options for work and recreation.

Match up in carpools through work and community networks, plus social networking sites like Facebook. Set up and manage carpools for kids. Find other bicyclists to ride long with you. Track your daily trips and watch your savings grow. It’s easy, secure and private.

CarpoolMatchNW participants will need to set up a new personal account by clicking the Register Now! button above. Registration takes only a few minutes, and you can start using your account immediately upon verification. All information is also kept private. You can control how personal information is shared.

Tool Features:

  • Network Matching – Match up through a work, community or social network, plus receive related news and promotional information.
  • Facebook & Twitter Integration – Use Facebook and/or Twitter. Login using your Facebook credentials, see Facebook profiles of potential ride matches and get to know potential matches. Also post trips on your Facebook wall notifying friends that you’re looking to share a ride.
  • Event Carpools – Find ride matches for local and statewide events - college sports, outdoor activities, music festivals and more. Set up your own event posting and share with friends or the general public.
  • Trip Calendar – Keep track of the amount of money you save each time you carpool, take transit, bike, walk and/or telecommute. Drive Less Connect trip calendar even allows you to track multiples modes per trip!


Live or work in Clark County, Washington?

Check out Clark County Smart Commuter for online ride matching services.