Know Before You Go: Cut the Clutter, Get Organized

Forgetting things is easy to do and causes annoying trips to retrieve forgotten things. Having an organized home helps reduce stress and makes planning car trips a breeze.

Here are some tips on how to get organized:

  • Choose a central location, like the front door or kitchen, as a place to store things you may need to grab on your way out the door. You can use a table or basket in the space to keep things organized. Keeping everything in one convenient place makes it less likely to forget things like keys, mail, sunglasses, library books, video rentals or other important items you need to remember for the day.
  • Give children cubbies near the kitchen or door to stash homework, book bags and other items they need to keep track of for school the next day. Make sure they place the items they need for the next day in their cubbies before heading to bed.
  • Make lists of family errands, to dos and schedules and put them on a bulletin board or calendar in a well trafficked area so that you and your family will be more likely to combine your trips and reduce chaos.
  • Make mental reminders but keep a small notebook with you wherever you go to make notes and write down those reminders. Go through your notebook frequently and update your family list or calendar.
  • Get a tabbed wallet for coupons and keep it in the car so they’ll be there on your next shopping trip.
  • Organize the pantry so you can keep track of items you’ll need to grab at the grocery store soon. You can divide your pantry in zones and keep your foods both organized and visible, making meal planning and updating your shopping lists much easier

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