Mapping Routes and Nearby Places

There are many are great resources to help you plan ahead and group your trips together.

Here are some tips for mapping your best route: 

  • Google Maps:
    • Go to
    • Click on "Get Directions"
    • Enter your first two addresses
    • If you need to add more destinations, click on "Add Destination"
    • Enter destinations



  • MapQuest: 
    • Go to
    • Click on “Directions”
    • Enter your first two addresses
    • To add more destinations, click on “+ add another location to route”
    • Enter additional destinations and then click “add location”


  • GPS: 
    • Enter your starting location or have the GPS unit automatically locate you, if possible.
    • Add your first destination and provide as much information as possible
    • Add additional destination by selecting “add destination” or similar option.
    • The GPS unit will calculate the most efficient route, select “route summary” or similar option if required.

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