Pedestrian Safety Tips

Many people wonder about how to stay safe from cars and bicyclists when they are walking. The answer is that it’s easy to stay safe when you take a few simple steps to give yourself control.

Here are some tips for achieving ultimate pedestrian safety:

  • Make eye contact with drivers and bicyclists before you leave the sidewalk.
  • At dusk or at night, wear something bright, reflective or even a blinking light so cars see you from far away.
    • You can find inexpensive gear at a variety of stores: walking, running, bike stores, outdoor stores, hardware stores and more.
  • Walk and cross the street where cars expect pedestrians.
    • Walk against traffic on roads with no sidewalks. That way, you’ll know when a car is coming and can adjust to the left to give yourself a larger safety buffer. You control the situation. You can react more quickly to on-coming cars than if you were on the other side of the street.
    • Cross at intersections or designated crosswalks that are in-between intersections.
  • If you get tired or thirsty, find a nice out-of-the-way spot to stop and rest where you won’t block bike or pedestrian traffic. Don’t hesitate to catch a bus back to where you started. Keep a map of TriMet bus routes and TriMet’s phone number handy.

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