Schedule Like A Pro

Planning ahead is one of the best ways to reduce driving. In busy, fast-paced households with so much to get done, it is important for you to get organized so you can keep track of errands and appointments. Having a calendar or schedule will not only help you drive less but also find order and time you didn’t know you had.

Tips on making a schedule or calendar:

  • List your errands and to dos on paper rather than keeping mental notes. Keeping a small notebook with you can also be helpful to add things as they come up while you’re out and about during the day.
  • List out things you and your family members do daily. Regular occurring events are the best places to start when starting a calendar.
  • Let the whole family look over the schedule, and make any changes that are needed to help avoid scheduling conflicts.
  • Trip chain by scheduling similar events and errands together. Try to do errands that are close to each other in one trip so you don’t wind up visiting the same place multiple times in one week.
  • Leave plenty of travel time when scheduling things, that way you’ll have more time to walk, bike or take the bus.
  • Place a large calendar where you and other family members can see it easily.
  • Sort tasks on your calendar to make it easier to read in a hurry. Use color coding or stickers making it more bright and noticeable.
  • Use pencils so your schedule can be flexible when conflicts come up and tasks need to be updated.

Update your calendar as you receive invitations, meeting dates, event notices and other important dates as you get them, don’t let them float around till the day of.

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