Setting Up A Carpool for Kids

Carpools are great time-savers for busy parents. On days when you need to have your children in different places at the same time, carpooling can be a lifesaver. Good carpools take cooperation, trust and planning. Setting up a carpool to get your kids off to school or practice can save you time, money and reduce stress as well as reduce congestion. Because 67 percent of the car trips we take are non-work related reducing these can help traffic flow.

Tips for starting a kid carpool:

  • Consider neighborhood families for your carpool. Driving out of your way to pick up a child in your carpool, won’t really save you any time or driving.
  • Create a schedule with two or three families, and try to stick to it so each family can make plans around the days they don't drive.
  • Make firm rules for the road with the other parents and drivers. Safety is key.
  • Set ground rules for the kids. Rules like wearing seat belts, hands stay inside the car at all times, no fighting and being polite are all possibilities.
  • Meet with the other parents and decide in advance how you'll handle stragglers or misbehavers, or children with medical issues.
  • Keep a contact list of all parents in case you need to get in touch.
  • Check in with parents when picking up and dropping off the children.
  • Make sure everyone is buckled and settled in the car before you leave.
  • Keep games, music and activities in the car to keep kids occupied. This can help keep riders entertained so you can focus on the road. Again, safety is key in any carpooling scenario.
  • Give as much advance notice as possible if plans change.