Setting Up A Telecommuting Agreement

Going to start telecommuting? Before you start, it’s important to communicate with your employer and make an agreement ahead of time. Talk to your employer and consider submitting a proposal that addresses 'what's-in-it-for-the-company,’ as well as any concerns or objections your boss might have

.Establishing a mutual agreement with your employer will help create a successful and efficient telecommuting experience, while decreasing the chance of future problems.

Tips to start telecommuting:

  • Outline your plans for telecommuting and how you will meet performance goals. Suggest a trial run if there are any concerns.
  • Verify any particular meetings and special circumstances that might require you to be in the office.
  • Determine the schedule and the general work tasks that you will perform.
  • Create an inventory of equipment to be used and identify whether it is company owned or personal.
  • Determine who is responsible for maintenance and repair of each item. For instance, if you are using a personal computer at home, who is responsible for software updates?
  • Perform an ergonomic assessment of your workspace at home, check for adequate lighting, ventilation, and proper desk and chair alignment.
  • Establish contact information. Whether it is a cell phone, a home phone or a dedicated phone line, your employer will probably want assurances that you can be reached without fail. You will also want to have someone you can rely on in the office to fax or e-mail documents when you need them.
  • Detail back-up and document security procedures. How will you ensure that company documents are secure when you are working outside of the office?

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