Spotlight on Driving Less

Driving less will save wear and tear on you, your wallet and the planet. There are a variety of practical ways to reduce the miles you drive. You may not be able to live without a car, but chances are you can live without it occasionally. You may even find that you really enjoy the occasional bike ride to work or taking the bus downtown.

Here are some top tips for driving less:

  • Trip chain. Combine trips to the grocery store, daycare, the bank, the dry cleaners and other errands.
  • Plan ahead. Make lists, plan meals, and schedule errands and appointments so it’s easier to group your trips together.
  • Carpool. Sharing rides with friends, family, neighbors and coworkers reduces your driving.
  • Be an eco-friendly driver.
  • Map the smartest route for your trips.
  • Take advantage of drive less tools including traffic alert services, smart phone applications, list making and organizing tools.
  • Save a trip by using a delivery service.
  • When you can, try biking and walking. Both are an enjoyable, healthy alternative to hopping in your car.


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