Stocking the Pantry: It’s Not Just for Squirrels

Always running out of key ingredients in the kitchen? Find yourself making multiple visits to the store to pick up the hairspray you use every day? Being stocked up on frequently used items makes your day run smoother and can save trips to the store.

Here are some tips for stocking up:

  • Identify your essential items and make a list. Once you identify your staples you can use that same list over and over again to make sure your pantry is always stocked!
  • Buy items you use every day in multiples, this will help cut the number of trips you make to the store. Visit bulk item stores such as Costco.
  • Be sure to check cupboards and shelves carefully when making shopping lists. Don’t be fooled by the almost empty carton of orange juice.
  • Think beyond the kitchen and don’t forget to include other items you use frequently, such as paper towels, trash bags, laundry soap and more.
  • Keep the list in area where other family members can add and make adjustments.

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