Stow & Tow: Bike Commuter Gear

Biking to work doesn’t mean you have to leave your laptop or briefcase behind. There is a wide variety of bike commuter gear available that can make it easy to carry whatever you need.


  • Rear racks sit atop the bike’s rear tire. Available in permanent and temporary models, these racks work with a variety of different bags and are ideal if you have to bring a lot with you.
  • Front racks or baskets attach to the front of your handle bars and are perfect for light loads.


  • Rack trunks - These backpack-type bags fit on top of racks (usually rear racks). They come in many different styles and sizes are available at most bike shops.
  • Front bags – Like the front racks, these bags clamp or strap to the front of the handle bars and can carry light loads, such as maps, lunches or books.
  • Panniers – Fit over the rear rack and hang by the sides of the bike’s back tire and are available in single and double bags. Many companies make panniers specifically for carrying laptops or work clothes.
  • When choosing a bag, make sure it’s water-proof, seals tightly and is padded to protect your items from shocks and bumps


  • Trailers attach to the rear of your bike and follow closely behind the rear wheel.
  • Many different types of trailers are available, including one and two-wheeled options that offer a wide variety of features. Some trailer models even come equipped with detachable bags that can house laptops.
  • When using a trailer, be sure to leave extra room when navigating on the road or sidewalk.
  • Like choosing a bag, make sure your trailer is waterproof, seals tightly and is padded.

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