Telecommuting Benefits

Employee Benefits

  • Savings - Spend less time and money on commuting. Telecommuters can save an estimated $1,200 per year on fuel costs alone, and even more when considering wear and tear on their cars. Some auto insurance companies also offer reduced rates to those who don’t drive so much.
  • Improved productivity - Telecommuters often get more done in less time because they work in a quieter environment with fewer interruptions and can focus more on work tasks.
  • Stress reduction - There’s no getting stuck behind the wheel in traffic with telecommuting, which can make your work day less stressful.
  • Quality of life - Less time on the road commuting can translate into greater work productivity and ultimately more time for personal life.

Employer Benefits

  • Reduced overhead costs
    • Employers can save on utilities and make more efficient use of limited office and parking space.
    • Oregon employers who purchase equipment for teleworkers may be eligible for Business Energy Tax Credits (BETC) through the Oregon Department of Energy.
    • For additional information on telework and Business Energy Tax Credits, visit the Oregon Department of Energy at:
  • Improved productivity
    • Telecommuters are often more efficient and deliver higher quality work.
    • Allowing employees to work from home can reduce absenteeism. Telecommuters can continue to work at home with colds and minor ailments that otherwise would keep them out of the office.
  • Expand employee recruiting & improve retention - Many companies use telecommuting as a perk to attract and retain top talent:
    • Draw-in the best candidates from a wider geographical area.
    • Attract more qualified workers to fill hard-to-fit jobs.
    • Retain key employees who otherwise might leave.

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