Telecommuting Tips: Setting Up A Home Office



Want a shorter commute to work? How about working from home. Setting up a home office is a good way to reduce the amount you drive. Making your home into a successful work environment can take some effort at first, but can save you valuable time and money in the long run.

Tips on setting up your own home office:

  • Set aside space just for work. Try and keep your home and home office as separate as possible.
  • Minimize distractions. Privacy and quiet are keys to a successful home office. If you have children at home, hire a caregiver so it will be easier for you to focus.
  • Create an office space that is both comfortable and functional. Make a space where you will want to work and where it’s easy to get things done.
  • Keep your office space organized and tidy. Avoid clutter.
  • Make sure you have all the essential office furniture, desk, filing cabinets and an office chair along with Internet access, a printer, fax machine and scanner.
  • Consider getting a separate phone line and high-speed Internet access.
  • Get a computer that works for you. Laptops often make the best home office computer because you can take your office with you when you need to go somewhere.
  • Make sure your home office computer is well-equipped with essential software required to perform your work tasks.
  • Invest in video conferencing equipment or use a free Internet service like Skype, all you need is a webcam. Video conferencing will enable you to maintain face-to-face communication.

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