Tips for Buying A New Bike

Are you looking to buy a new bike? A wide variety of bike options are available on the market today that can accommodate practically any budget. There are a few key considerations to help you with your purchase.

Tips on choosing a bike that works for you:

  • Ask yourself a few main questions.
    • What is the main purpose your bike will serve?
    • Where will you be riding? What kind of terrain is involved?
    • What kind of rider are you? Leisurely? Fast-paced? Different bikes will suit different riders.
    • What kind of bike gear might you need? Some bikes are more suitable for racks, front baskets and bike trailers.
  • Bike options:
    • Multiple gears vs. one (single or fixed) gear – Single gear bikes tend to be cheaper, but are also limited when it comes to types of terrain. If you will be on hills or have a variable ride, bikes with multiple gears are most efficient and easier to use.
    • Road bikes – These bikes are fast, light, skinny and highly efficient. Their tires are more susceptible to flats, however, there isn’t a lot of room for extra gear.
    • Mountain bikes – These are heavy and a fairly inexpensive option. Not always the best choice for street side commuting, but great for recreation.
    • Commuter bikes – A newer type of bike on the market that are both relaxed and comfortable, but also stronger and durable for the stresses of commuting and have room for all the extras like racks and panniers.
    • Folding bikes – These bikes are lightweight and can be folded up to carry on buses, plus they can be stored in small spaces.
    • Electric bikes – These are lightweight and have a small electric motor that are great for those who need a little extra help getting up hills and maintaining momentum.
  • Make sure you test ride your bike and get it sized to your height.

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