Vanpool Incentives for Portland & SW Washington


Vanpooling can cost a quarter of what you would pay to drive alone, save wear and tear on your personal vehicle, reduce congestion and reduce driving stress. These are only some of the incentives available for commuters who travel in the Portland, Oregon metropolitan region and Southwest Washington.

Portland and Southwest Washington vanpool incentives:

  • The Metro VanPool helps make vanpooling even more economical with an incentive program that pays for 50 % of the basic monthly van lease cost, not including fuel. Passengers split the remaining costs. Monthly costs per rider, including fuel, are $60 to $95 for a 30-mile round trip, compared to an average of $266 per month to drive alone. Metro VanPool also provides participants a free emergency ride home in a cab. To learn more check out the Metro website at or call the Regional Travel Options program at 503-813-7566.
  • To qualify for a Metro VanPool incentive, the vanpool must:
    • Travel to a destination in the Portland metropolitan area.
    • Originate at least 10 miles from the destination or travel through a congested corridor.
    • Use one of the Metro VanPool providers.
    • Maintain a minimum of five participants, including the driver, three or more days a week.
  • For Southwest Washington commuters, contact C-TRAN commuter vanpool program or call at 360-906-7460. C-TRAN offers vanpool services to groups of five to 12 passengers who commute at least 10 miles each way and whose commute starts, stops or passes through the C-TRAN service area.

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