Walking Gear: Bring it With You

Whether you are walking for recreation, commuting or errands, you are bound to have things you need to carry with you. Buying the right gear can ensure that avoid sore shoulders or an aching back that could cut your walks short. Whether you are carrying just your phone and wallet or toting lunch and a change of clothes for work, you can make life a lot easier if you have the right bag or pack that will help you to keep things organized and make walking trips much easier.

Here are some tips on walking bags and packs:

  • Bags and packs should fit close to the body so they don’t swing back and forth and hit or rub you with each step.
  • Fanny packs or waist belts are great to store small essentials in.
  • Back packs or large bags will be more useful, especially if a lot of shopping is on your list of errands. It’s difficult to walk home with a multiple shopping bags so consolidating to one large bag may make the walk easier.
  • If you walk to work, you may want to invest in a briefcase with a sturdy strap or a backpack that will distribute the weight of your folders, laptop or lunch.
  • Water is important to carry when walking and many packs and purses have special side pockets for water bottles. There are also special carriers for water bottles that come with a shoulder strap or a belt attachment.
  • You will not be able to carry a larger amount of items when walking, so find a bag that works for you and your needs. Remember to keep your items limited to what will fit in your pack to make sure your walking trips will be more comfortable.

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