Walking Gear: Cart it Home

Want to walk to you next shopping destination? Get more out of your next walking trip by increasing you personal carrying capacity. Shopping carts allow you to be able to carry more items back from the store and relieve pressure from trying to carry all those shopping bags.

Here are some tips on shopping carts for walking:

  • Shopping carts are a great way to transport your groceries on foot. You can find these online and at many large retailers, house ware, hardware, and storage shops.
  • Collapsible carts are handy because they are easy to transport when they are empty.
  • Waterproof cart liners will keep your groceries dry on rainy days.
  • It should be sturdy enough to hold all of your groceries. Some carts are capable of holding up to 100 lbs. – more groceries than you could ever carry.
  • Sturdy wheels will ensure that you can pull the cart over curbs.


Looking for a personal shopping cart? Check out these stores:

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