Walking Gear: Dressing the Part

Walking is a great way to get to nearby places while getting exercise too. If you want to get the most out of you walking trips, make sure you’re wearing the best clothing for you.

Here are some tips on walking clothes:

  • Comfortable Clothing - Wear what is comfortable for you. Comfort should be placed above vanity. You can walk in just about anything that is comfortable to wear but if you are walking vigorously you may start to warm up. That is when you will really appreciate clothing that is breathable and wicks perspiration.
  • Layered Clothing - Be sure to dress for the current weather conditions. It is a good idea to layer your clothing so you are able to remove a layer or two as you warm up.
  • Jackets - Lightweight, breathable, and waterproof are preferable. They protect you from the rain and wind, and yet are very comfortable. A jacket with a zipper is often preferable to a pullover, because you can unzip the jacket for greater ventilation if you get too warm.
  • Work Clothing - If you have a specific dress code at work, there are many ways to still dress comfortably for a walk to or around the office. Leave your dress clothes or uniform at work either in a locker or your office. If your employer does not provide such space, ask that it be made available. Wear good walking shoes and carry your dress shoes.
  • Reflective Clothing – You can wear a reflective vest to ensure the greatest visibility, but you can also try a subtler approach and attach reflective tape to your bag, pack, hat, jacket, pants, or shoes. You can also get reflective shoelaces or attach a reflector to the laces. Bicycle and running shops are a good place to find a variety of reflective clothing and accessories.
  • Accessories: Add a hat to protect you from sun, rain, and cold and throw on the sunscreen and sunglasses on sunny days.


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