Spotlight on Vanpools

A vanpool is a group of five to 15 commuters sharing their ride in a passenger van. Vanpools are commonly available through regional and employer vanpool programs and commuters themselves so you have a few options to get started.

Benefits of vanpooling:

  • Reduce your stress - There are fewer worries about traffic, vehicle reliability or getting to work on time. Vanpool riders can relax, read the newspaper, work on their laptop or just take a nap.
  • Save money - Vanpooling is a highly efficient and cost effective ride to work. Not only are transportation costs split with other riders but great incentives are available in the Portland area.
  • Emergency ride home - If an emergency occurs before the scheduled time for your vanpool to return home, some vanpool providers and companies provide an emergency ride home for employees. Emergency ride home programs can also be found through regional programs like Metro VanPool, TriMet and Cherriots Rideshare.

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