Tele-What? All About Telecommuting

Ever wonder what it means to telecommute? Telecommuting or teleworking simply means working from home or satellite office one or more days a week using communications tools such as phone, e-mail, instant messaging and Internet conferencing.

Telecommuting is one of the fastest growing work trends in America today.

  • You don’t need to telecommute every day; most people don’t. Since not all work is well-suited for telecommuting, it usually makes sense to telework one or two days a week. Some people only telecommute one or two days a month.
  • More and more people are teleworking as both employers and employees realize the benefits that range from improved productivity to substantial cost savings.
  • Technology, such as flash drives, laptops, e-mail and the Internet, make teleworking much more practical. To telecommute successfully you will need the right work situation, including the right jobs/tasks, people, organization, and home-office setting.

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