Walking Gear: Walking in the Rain

When you live in the Northwest, sooner or later there’s going to be rain. It doesn’t have to ruin your walk though! With the right gear, you can enjoy your walk rain or shine.

Here are some tips on wet weather walking clothes:

  • Umbrella - A tiny compact collapsible umbrellas won’t add much weight to walk and will help protect you from driving rain.
  • Shoes - Most shoe brands offer some type of water resistant or water proof shoe. If you can’t find one you like or in your price range, many stores offer shoe sealers or treatments for around $5 that you can use on your favorite pair of shoes.
  • Socks - Be sure and wear socks that will either wick moisture away or are completely waterproof. Most can be found at outdoor or running stores.
  • Gaiters - Worn on the outside of your shoes, gaiters can help keep the rain or slush out of your shoes. They can be found at most outdoor activity stores.
  • Jacket - Be sure and carry a waterproof jacket, it will help give you the most protection in a rainstorm. Remember than water resistant is different from waterproof, with water resistant you will eventually get wet. Plastic Ponchos can be effective in a pinch too!
  • Rain pants - Usually worn outside other pants, rain pants can help keep your lower half dry when walking in the rain.
  • Hat - Don’t forget to keep your head dry when walking in the rain! You can use a water seal or treatment to help turn your favorite baseball cap into your new rain hat.
  • Reflective Gear - Remember that drivers will have a harder time seeing you in the rain, so make sure you have some reflectors, whether it’s tape or a clip on, so others can see you.

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