Wet Weather Biking Gear

Riding in the rain? Keeping dry can be a major concern for most bikers. With a few steps, keeping you and your bike safe, dry and in good condition in wet weather is easy.

Tips on how to bike in the rain:

  • Wear rain gear and clothing that fits loosely, has air vents and is water repellant. Rain capes or ponchos are inexpensive options that keep your top dry while providing plenty of ventilation. If you’re commuting by bicycle every day, a Gore-Tex suit or other suit that sheds water and is breathable may be a good option.
  • Bring a small towel with you. Keep it in an accessible pocket to wipe away any water or splashes during your ride.
  • Clean off your bike after rainy rides. Wash or wipe down your bike, paying special attention to the chain, headsets, bottom brackets and brakes. Accumulated dirt can interfere with you bike’s performance.
  • Be visible. Where bright reflective clothing and make sure all your bike lights are bright and blinking so cars can see you in poor conditions.
  • Invest in fenders for your bike. They will help keep rain and dirt off of your body and the more vulnerable parts of your bicycle.
  • Avoid puddles. Not only will riding through puddles soak you and your bike, but there may be bumps or potholes that you can’t see.

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